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Lubricant hydrogun
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Group: Lubricant hydrogun
Diamond drag PCD, we will consider grinding of internal diamond under your size.
In stock 
110 UAH
  Always in existence diamond drag PCD. To Ukraine and other producers Let's render grinding of internal diamond under your size.Let's restore diamond would drag \at. I will be glad to cooperation  
Group: Draw plates made of hard-alloy
Drag - preparations (Dies) of GOST 9453-75
In stock 
Drag dies 9453-75 are applied to dry, cold drawing of a rod iron from low-carbonaceous steel (Mari: 1KP, 3PS, 3 joint ventures, 3KP, OHM, 1 joint venture, 2 joint ventures, SAE) + polishing, polishing to 8,9,10,11,12 form, vnutr.razmer from 0,7 mm to 13 mm Delivery to any cities of Ukraine. I will...
Group: Wire products
Wire copper MML of 0,08-1,25 mm, MTL of 0.30-1,2 mm TU 16-505.850-75
Custom order 
  The wire copper tinned for the electrotechnical purposes, is intended for production of conducting veins of cables, cords, wires and braids.Design elements MML of 0,08-1,25 mm - copper soft tinnedMTL of 0,31-1,2 mm - Copper firm luzhyonn let's be for the sake of cooperation
Group: Copper wire
Проволока ВР-1.ГОСТ-80   3,4,5,6 мм. 1-6 м/п. Бухти, прутки
In stock 
Wire BP-1 ormironie JBK, bedsteads opolubok, for the production of nets  Masonry, for eurofences, et al. Bars 1-6 m / n, bay 0,5-1t Delivery in Ukraine, export Let us for the sake of cooperation        
Group: Reinforcing mesh


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